Why Celebrate with us?

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You’ve got all of your closest friends and family coming together to celebrate a milestone moment in your life – We are going to make that moment EPIC for you!

Your Guest of Honor or Bride-to-Be probably doesn’t want to go to Malibu’s most happening hotspot, Rosenthal Tasting Room, when they first open in the morning for a quick tasting at the bar while no one is there. She wants to go when the Bands or DJs are playing live and the patio is Rocking!!!

Why? Because it's just more fun -- and we specialize providing in good times and wine:)

We stay longer, pay premium prices and tip huge for the privilege to bring our VIP parties in during prime time when the place is jumping, because our guests love it!

We go that extra mile for you, even if it’s harder and costs more.
When we accept your tour, we wholeheartedly commit to you that we will do everything in our power to give you the greatest day you could possibly have on our tour.

This is our commitment to you and we won’t give less than 100% to achieve it.

We won’t take you to Rosenthal first thing in the morning (unless you ask us to) even though it’s cheaper, faster, and easier and here is the reason why:

because I can’t look your Maid of Honor and/or best friend in the eye, when she’s trusted me and worked so hard to create the perfect moment for you – knowing that I could have made it even better but chose not to.

We try hard and 100% guarantee your complete satisfaction.

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We thank all of our guests who have taken a moment to share their experience with us.
We hope that you will do the same.

Thank you and we look forward to serving you!